Billy Ocean or Bikini Bottom

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So, I realize that most people might not get this, but I just got a random brain wave to play the song "When the Going Gets Tough" by Billy Ocean. I had forgotten that it was Billy Ocean, so I just asked Alexa to play "When the Going Gets Tough". I walked out of the room briefly, so I didn't hear what she actually said she was playing.

I walked back into the room to some really strange song playing. I asked her what song it was and she said "When the Going Gets Tough" by Nick Blaymyer. It was a kind of rap, but I definitely heard "Bikini Bottom" and some references to a volcano. I haven't actually watched much SpongeBob as it wasn't really my generation, but I have no animosity, misplaced or otherwise.

I'm really sad for humanity because if when the robot overlords take over, I feel like music is not going to be appreciated much.

As an aside, I'm always super nice to Alexa (to my wife's chagrin - "It'S jUstT a CoMpUtEr PrOgRaM") and I hope she remembers my kindness when she is my taskmaster and will respect my musical preferences.
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