Tier 5 40m damage phase 2 to complete phase 3


Hope the image works my it skills not great. Anyway my alt is in a low power guild running tier 5 of Sith raid. This squad did 40m damage to finish phase 3, seems a little, well, you know
Is this possible? Don't want to report if it's OK but pietts trap resets when traya stands up?I can't see that much speed on them? It is only tier 5 though. Any advice welcome


  • crzydroid
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    Troopers is a fantastic tm train squad for this phase and usually Traya standing up isn't a thing that's a danger. If it was Heroic I'd say this gear level wouldn't cut it, but for t5 it might be ok.

    Seeing the mods would help, but it will probably take someone with more knowledge of the lower tiers to say if it's doable with this gear level.
  • BraveSirRobin
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    edited April 2023
    Thanks for the response, doesn't look like they have great mods but they might have swapped them. Nothing else seems amiss (was only a cursory glance), I'll leave it for now, don't want to punish anyone incorrectly, and it was only tier5
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