Capital Ship Farming Guidance Needed

I am currently doing well in fleet with a 6 star Executrix and Geo / Hounds Tooth / Vulture Droid team but I see other teams creaping into the top with Executor, Malevolence, Finalizer, etc. So to avoid dropping I started working towards Executor, and I estimate I need about 5-6 months to complete the ship farms and character relic requirements.

My guild has decided to participate in the 2 Geo TBs in June, so we are all concentrating on building the G12+ Geo and Relic 5 501st teams to compete. With the strength of the guild I anticipate a decent supply of GET2 currency I'm hoping to get Malevolence to 7 stars in about the same time as I would Executor (I already have 30 shards).

I'm a bit torn on what my next capital ship farm should be.

I'm wondering if I should hold off on Executor for a little while, and use that time and resources to finish / relic some of my existing teams or maybe to go for either / both of the Revans and Darth Malak while Malevolence appears with GET2. Or do I continue with Executor so that I have 2 good capital ships soon? Or maybe there is another path I should consider?

I thank you all in advance for reading and replying to this post!


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    Executrix, Malevolence, Executor, & even Finalizer have a lot of cross-qualifiers.

    So the DS Fleets are a lot more synergistic to field IMHO.

    I wouldn't invest heavily in Endurance or Chimera in the early game.
    Even Raddus has limited use & is sort of outside the norm
    Negotiator is a solid ship & you'll want it at some point, but, I'd focus on the 4 above along w/ Rebels/Home One which will lead you to Profundity eventually.
    Save GalRep ship farming till your closer to being done w/ Malevolence, 6*, and you can see the day coming when you'll swap from Mal shards to Nego shards w/ your GET-2 currency.

    The good news is, there are too many Cap Ships & not enough Starfighters, so, quite literally every Star Fighter can find a home somewhere once your closer to end game.
    For now most any DS Ship or the Rebels will do you some good.

    The only place you can truly "Go Wrong" is in farming too many ships at once &/or investing in cap ships that you wont use since there are too many of them. Fleet Credits can be tight for a lot of the game & the Cap Ship materials, Prestige, is always in demand since upper ability levels use a LOT of it.
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