Update 4/26/2023

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Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

  • Jabba has been banned for disorderly conduct in Merrin's bonus tier of her marquee. He can't be used as a character in this tier now.
  • Updated Fury description on the Basic ability final tier to match functionality that debuff spread is an "or" not "and"
  • Updated Mara Jade's Unique ability to reflect it's existing functionality with regards to Loyal Hand, she will only gain a stack on Emperor Palpatine's turn if he is in the Leader slot.
  • Conquest items should now be in their proper Conquest tab
  • Corrected missing punctuation in BT-1's "Kill Them All" ability text
  • Corrected an issue where Merrin's Vengeful Bond ability text was listed the incorrect amount of Protection recovery
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