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Why that random "synergy" with Han out of nowhere?
We recognize that people might want to keep their Veteran Smugglers together so wanted to have that as an option
Why Clone Wars Chewbacca has the Galactic Republic tag and Tarfful hasn't it?
While Tarfful first appeared in Episode 3, this version is from Jedi: Fallen Order, when the Galactic Republic no longer exists
Does the passive that needs 3 wookiees include tarfull as one of those 3?
Tarfful does count as one of the three Wookiees.
Is the 50% critical hit damage reflection calculated before or after mitigation? With the large amounts of defense in the kit, if t's after mitigation, the reflected damage will be much lower.
For the reflected calculation, it happens after the mitigation. So, the damage mitigation is calculated first, and after that is the damage reflected.
How come Tarrful has a synergy with Veteran Han solo, but not with Grand Master Yoda?
We had some Yoda synergy in initially, but it really bloated the kit and balance. Since it was purely thematic (whereas Han’s synergy is for team composition) we decided to remove it.
Do potency stats increase turn meter removal? Example: Clone Wars Chewbacca’s basic says 55% chance to remove 50% turn meter. Would potency mods or secondaries increase that chance?
In this particular case, mods would not increase the 55% chance to remove the turn meter for Clone Wars Chewbacca.
Hello there! What is Health Up? How do the Wookiees get it from the "Stronger Together" special?
General Kenobi!
Health Up is a buff that has been in Galaxy of Heroes for awhile and can be found on multiple characters such as Royal Guard, Sun Fac, and Logray to name a few. It increases the character's Max Health while they have the buff.
What could be translation "Rrrruuuurrr"?
In Shyriiwook (the language spoken by Wookiees) it roughly translates to:
We will not go quietly into the night!
We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on!
We're going to survive!
Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!
I’m always curious about abilities like Tarfful’s unique, which states “ Final Text: Tarfful has +30% Tenacity and +20 Speed.” Instead of making this a unique ability, why don’t you simply add that amount of speed to a character’s base statistics?
One of the reasons abilities and bonuses are broken out like this is so they can be turned off (or amplified, or interacted with in any way really) by other abilities. If Tarfful’s base speed was just 20 higher we could never make an ability that said “bonuses to speed are doubled” that would affect this.
In the kit reveal, Veteran Han Solo is mentioned but the strategy tips mentioned bringing Mission Vao.
Why didn't the kit for Tarfful include Mission Vao as well and why would we want to include her if there isn't any synergy?? I think it might had been interesting to be given the option of choosing vet han or mission vao as the 5th slot or even possibly having both of them as options?

You’ll notice that some things in the kit are gated to Wookiees, while others are for any ally. While Mission isn’t explicitly called out, she benefits from these “all ally” pieces
And since her good buddy Zaalbar is a Wookiee and can be here, she will have opportunities to slot into the team comfortably.
For Rrrruuuurrr, does the potency up apply before attempting to apply provoked?
Yes, Potency Up is applied before Provoked is inflicted to the enemy team.
How is your day Meathead?
Not enough coffee in the world right now. Cg_coffee approves this message.
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