What Could The New Star Wars Strategy Game Be?

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edited April 27
Was thinking about this recently, and I haven't seen much speculation about it since. Back in January a lot of Star Wars games were announced, 2 of which were from Respawn. We obviously have Jedi Survivor on the way but one of them announced was a "strategy" game with Respawn producing it and a newly formed studio called BitReactor will be leading it. Veteran developer Greg Foertsch, who worked on the Civ series and the XCOM games is creative director for the studio. As a massive fan of Star Wars Empire at War I would want nothing more than to have a sequel to that game, but given there are people behind this project that have experienced history with turn based over RTS games, what do you all think this could be? Something like XCOM or Civ, or maybe even something like Warhammer 40k Mechanicus? Either way, as long as it isn't a mobile game, I'm excited for this one most of all!
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