I need help!!!

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Hallo there together

I have question

How do I unlock the negotiator and what Characters do I need for it?

All answers are appreciated
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  • I'm afraid the urgency indicated in your thread title may go unsatisfied.

    Negotiator unlocks with GET2 purchases in the guild events store. GET2 comes primarily from completing the Geonosis Territory Battles. General Kenobi is the pilot - you get him from completing the Heroic Tank raid.

    If you have no shards of either, you're in for a long haul. Work on Home One and Executrix in the mean time.
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    To unlock you need general Kenobi and to earn at least 145 blueprints to unlock the ship itself. The blueprints can be bought for GET2, and sometimes appear for crystals in the weekly shipments.

    To use the fleet to its best you want a number of other ships and their crew including:
    JK Anakins ETA, Ahsoka’s ETA, 5s Umbaran SF, the BLT Y-wing, Plo Koons SF and Rex’s ARC170
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    If your group does well in tank raids heroic For General Kenobi shards and on geonosis territory battles you can use the currency to buy negotiator capital ship shards, it will likely take you months.
  • @Yamasin Yeah to be able to get Negotiator, You have to get enough GET2 from a guild that is doing either DSGeo Tb or LSGeo Tb or both. For general Kenobi, idk how it will be with the new raid system. Could you possibly leave an ally code?
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