Unable to get in to game- Error Code 3.0


  • Range1974
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    Dear CG, am I going to be able to collect my energy soon? Also why are you streaming a raid when everyone is working. Don’t be dumb.
  • Range1974
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    Going to need energy rewards beyond crystals today.
  • Presaria
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    How long will swgoh be down for?
  • nightwar wrote: »
    good lord people, perhaps the game is updating, im sure they know about it... over the last how many ever years of playing this game some of you are the most impatient people in the world. seriously. other games go down for hours for updates sometimes

    Pretty poor timing really to schedule an update at the same time as an event like double drops. Due to the game running across multiple time zones, anybody with a reset in the last hour is one hour down. In a zone such as mine where we are working tomorrow and it’s quite late night now, we will miss a few hours of this and likely not be compensated in anyway yet are still expected to spend money on new characters when they are released so we can take part in the raid which is causing the issue

  • Presaria
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    Same issue here
  • Ultra
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    You folks at CG should be awarding compensation whenever this happens. Although you don't, you take great advantage of the player base and this is entirely unacceptable. This is why you have test servers. If I ever had something new launched at my job and it always failed I wouldn't have a job anymore.

    Depends on your job, but most employers aren't quick to fire employees when mistakes happen
  • nightwar
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    @Ultra exactly what i mean
  • Went and broke the game because you streamed a raid before the update launch. Great job boys
  • Waving bye to my ship payout today. 👋
  • Waving bye to my ship payout today. 👋

    I hear you. Coordinating ROTE and boom! Error 3.0.
  • DaarthBrewer
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    OldNathan wrote: »
    Caught in a loop. Deleting app and reinstalling doesn't fix it.

    What about deleting and not reinstalling?
    Ya, this stinks, fleet payout rapidly approaching and stuck at 4th.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
  • Bodimz
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    I trust that the Force will guide EA promptly. Well, I hope at least 🤪 error code 3.0 while attempting to go back to the game... Same as everyone I guess.
  • Getting the same issue with the error code. Got booted yesterday after the update in the middle of tb. Game is running slower than usual as well
  • Energies full for this. just great.
  • LendersQuiz
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    For what little good it will do............
  • Fieldgulls
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    Same…I think this is the new raid
  • Same here, rip bonus energy
  • Fantastic stuff.
  • Did anyone experiencing the bug get the client side (not Google store) update that was supposed to roll out over the last 24 hours? Never got mine, saw guildies talk about it though. Crashed promptly at 9pm UTC, locked out of Google account since, but the game does log into the default account associated with the phone if I reinstall/clear app data.

    Wondering if the error is caused by the game trying to access something that was supposed to update during the 24hrs rollout and never did...
  • Zumwan
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    I have the error as well. I don't have much to share, I was in the cantina (home screen) when the error popped up and asked me to restart. Restarting doesn't help, as I'm stuck in the endless loop asking me to restart over and over again.
  • @CG_Tusken_Meathead dont know if it helps but im on iOS, no title update pushed yet, went into events and it downloaded some stuff, was constantly showing +1 flag for new event active but had finished them all, closed game, when went back got the error
  • Man this sucks, but I'm glad this is a universal issue and not just me lol.
  • Iznogood
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    Same. Just when it is my time to move up in fleet. No #1 for me and compensation will not take that into consideration.
    Thanks CG. Happy May the 4th to you
    /sarcasm off
  • Same here every time I restart I get the reoyr8qdstie6y.png

  • Same here getting the same error code of 3.0
  • rokota
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    funny part is, you click "restart" and get an endless error3.0-loop while trying to start the game, and when you choose "contact us" you'll get an endless loop as well with the ea help webpage :D
  • Hey cheer up boys things are almost fixed. Breathe it's ok this all happened long ago in a far away galaxy.
  • Great start for the update. I guess you can't have bugs if the game doesn't work at all.
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