[MEGA THREAD] Title Update 5/3/2023


  • Drathuk916
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    So I like some aspects of the new raid system. Fewer teams, can compete against guild mates without hurting their rewards or them hurting mine, and three days to complete instead of racing each other.

    That’s about it. I won’t touch on rewards enough will be said about that. My biggest complaint is the raid seems to go out of its way to fully eliminate fun. You have one mechanic you cycle through three times with only minor differences between how you approach it per squad. Zero theorycrafting because each team you take in is capped on damage. No kill shot. No solo. No guild wide excitement for beating the raid because there is no “beating the raid.”

    Instead it’s minimum of 193 “whoops sorry you’re too good we’ve got to stop you collect your prize on the way out. Thanks for coming see you in three days.” To entice you to gear up to r8 the 4-5 squads you’ll need to get to max rewards are three dullish gold?? tokens. So much fun. So exciting.
  • Game is again showing error code 3.0 this morning? Now I am at risk of missing the attack phase of the GAC…. Jesus
  • WookieWookie
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    It's May the fourth and I'm still getting error code 3 and can't log in. Yes the raid rewards are far less than promised yes they have a make good for Boussh's Omi but the absolute worst part of this update was the timing/rollout. Some people are enjoying inbox rewards and double drops.... While others literally cannot open the game on Star Wars day.

    Does anyone in your office remember how awful some of your prior title updates have been? Why of why of all days would you pick Star Wars day without being absolutely 100% certain you've tested the rollout on a test server (if you even still have one)?

    CG are just the absolute worst at PR and I hope you all are punished enough by a drop off in players paying today (can't pay if they can't log in, even if they want to pay for double drops etc) and uninstalling the game so that you contemplate fixing the drastically nerfed raid rewards.

    Absolute bantha poodoo show here.
  • eds_c
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    DANK FARRIK. I hoarded energy for a couple of days buying 50's and 100's, preparing for May 4th event.
    Now that I'm trying to enter the game to spend this energy that I've saved up. I'm unable. getting ErrorCode 3.0 now I've lost refreshes, lost time, lost energy, lost my confidence and respect.

    Please just take the game back as at it was, CANCEL the new raid, CANCEL the new currencies, CANCEL updating the game in such important dates for STAR WARS FANDOM

    "This is the way"

  • Error 3.0 has reappeared again
  • I can't get my account back. Been daily player since the beginning
  • Nalli
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    Game worked with no problems this morning, but now getting error code 3.0
  • Oí vey. Games buggin out here too.
  • for an early mid game player there is already a massive credit crunch and now no credits in raids is a joke. Also no get1 get2, no guild activty tokens so as well as not getting any gear from raids we get less tokens to buy other gear, no shard shop currency from traya kenobi and han so less g12 gear. No mods mats and people aren’t taking into account we were getting those things multiple times a week, now just once maybe twice. these rewards are absolutely terrible and we need to massively complain about this so they get it fixed
  • Erage
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    What is the point of keeping the legacy raids open for 2 days once it is defeated? Nobody can do anything at this point and there is no personal reward track to play for (not that you can damage anything once it is defeated). So it is just a 2 day delay to get rewards. It isn't like you could even launch another raid if it ended when killed, since everything needs the same raid tickets to launch.
  • xGriiMErZ
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  • Jank
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    Error code 3.0 happening again
  • Error code 3.0 for me too again....
  • Gawejn
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    I like changes in guild store, i dont like amount of currency you get from rewards, it should be minimum double. I dont like one raid only, couse for me krayt dragon has no meaning couse of the way it was capped with amount of battles, factions, dmg and rewards...
    But i assume that they need to make r8 materials more important and hard to get...this way they could avoid for some time bringing r10 to the game.
  • May the ErrorCode 3.0 be with you
  • Toroku
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    Error 3.0 is showing again.... you have to be kidding us CG...
  • Lumiya
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    Great, so I got the message to restart and now, after a painfully long loading time I got the tutorial and I am now in a new account and can't connect to my real account... My arena payout is in a few minutes(that would be ok) but my bonus energy is also up and my fleet is in a bit more than an hour... I would hate to miss my bonus energy when we have double drops and I really would hate to miss out on my fleet crystals... I always get 1st
    We are all made of star-stuff
  • Can't connect to the game, looks like no "may the 4th be with you" and instead we get the revenge of the 3.0 error
  • Seriously guys can't you leave well enough alone!!!?????
  • Hope the will be extending the 2x event a extra day or two due to this only came back to the game this year after being a player when it first release and the grind has been worse than ever the 2x event was going to be some relief to max out some characters I've been farming for ages now can't even get on
  • Kosama
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    Error Code 3.0. iphone 13 PRO, updated iOS. 1620 PST. and still no logging 5 pm europe
  • the error is back @CG_SBCrumb . I believe it's on EA's side but most can't get into the game and we definitely can't get into the webstore.
  • bowdy
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    This is getting beyond funny. This is completely ruining our TB plan. Thanks a bunch CG. Not.
  • In middle of tb and gac. Seems be same issue as last night so whys this taking so long, you already have a hotfix. Lets gogo
  • I'm unable to log into my Google Play account. The game is making me log into an older account that wasn't connected to GPlay. Missing out on payouts and bonuses.

    Any idea on when this will get fixed by?
  • K_Ley2
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    In middle of tb and gac. Seems be same issue as last night so whys this taking so long, you already have a hotfix. Lets gogo

    Because it's 7:30 AM in CA. CG won't be getting into their office for a little while.
  • spartgan
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    Error 3.0 back again. This will impact TW now. Major compensation required here. Tried both on my phone and emulator with no success. Common guys pretend this is a new pack release :D
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  • Vulmale
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    Error code 3.0 is back for me too. Game was working this morning, not anymore. Galaxy S23+
  • I was locked out again, was able to log in late last night but tried to log in this morning and locked out with that errorcode 3 again, has anyone else experienced this?
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