Bring back challange rancor



  • NixSW
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    This is why patch Tuesday is a thing.
  • Phoenixeon
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    However i would like they giving specific tag chars big buff instead of restricted specific tag chars only.
  • Shmoopyz
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    TBH the faction locking on top of the nerfed rewards is what really makes this so egregiously bad design.

    Assuming nothing changes in the rewards department, Jabba farm is mandatory. If not you are gimping yourself and your entire guild.

    Ridiculous. :s
  • 10 days of no rewards and this is what we get 29hz5gm9g7ke.jpg
  • 10 days of no rewards and this is what we get 29hz5gm9g7ke.jpg

    It’s more than we did, and we had no other raid to play for any source of raid income for the best part of 2 weeks.

    Of course it doesn’t bode well
  • Avy3414
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    BubbaFett wrote: »
    BubbaFett wrote: »
    You can get aeros in conquest....

    And you can get all the gear from raids from conquest as well what is your point?

    Just saying they are available elsewhere... Many of us have more aeros than we cn use right now, so it's nice to have more of a choice on what we get from rewards...

    You really don't account for everyone over aeromagnifiers. Many guilds beat their CPit recently and got their first aeromagnifiers recently before the update. And there is no access to them now except crystals.
  • CG have catastrophically misjudged rewards

    It is cute you think they misjudged anything. This is clearly nothing more than a deliberate nerf that they hope pass off to the players. And it will probably work. Because the whales don't care and the casuals who don't visit the forums don't pay enough attention to notice they are getting nerfed.

    its not that they dont notice, its that they feel they cant do anything about it.
  • subxsimo
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    10 days of no rewards and this is what we get 29hz5gm9g7ke.jpg

    Those rewards are so peak, I got 8000 and 4000 from sith raid, how can Krayt be worse in rewards
  • This raid is pretty to look at, art team killed it there, but other than being pretty it’s boring and the rewards are absolute garbage. The gear rewards from old raids wasn’t always the best but there were times were you got 2 fully crafted carbantis or a full g12+ piece. I feel bad for guilds tht doesn’t have many jabbas cuz their really screwed. The other squads are useless and 95% of the overall dmg comes from all the jabba runs. They promise us all these big fancy new updates an make it sound like it will actually benefit us then when it happens we quickly realize its not helping us at all and really its making the gear and mostly the relic grind 100x worse. And whats with the shop currency itself, cg couldn’t make them 3 different colors? Im going cross eyed trying to determine which currency is which.
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