Level 76 Dark Side Missions

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hi all ^_^

so, I made a brief post about the Light Side missions a few days ago here: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/25107/level-74-ls-missions

i've now made it to 76, so... here's your post!

first off, shards.
8-A: Barriss
8-B: none >.<
8-C: Ewok Elder
8-D: Ewok Scout

they're really pushing those ewoks.

i ran with: ventress (lead), daka, talia, fotp, gs. my borrowed hero was primarily RG, with some sid and phasma. RG is great for these, since you don't lose stars if your borrowed ally hero dies.

the DS missions were quite a bit easier than i was expecting them to be, hard modes included. when i was leveling/progressing through them previously, i remember them being quite difficult. this may have been because of a lacking roster, but i believe that the DS missions have been under-tuned?

anyways, most of the mobs that you're going to be fighting are generic rebel soldiers. they aren't very scary, and don't hit very hard. in the normal missions, the ewok scouts were the only 'problem', and they weren't really a problem. on 8-H normal, I had to retry it for 3 stars, as stage 3 loaded up with Logray, 3 scouts, and an elder. after killing the elder and one scout, the other two scouts both hit my daka for 7.5k each and killed her. not ideal.

Hard Mode notes:
8-A: easy. rebel soldiers on stages 1 & 2. stage 3 loads up with rebel luke and old ben (boss). you can kill luke before he gets a turn, quite easily. old ben is a joke.

8-B: stage 1 & 2, same as 8-A. stage 3 loads with st han and chewie (boss). st han is an easy kill before he can act, and chewie is a joke.

8-C: ewoks & rebel soldiers on stage 1 & 2, a little bit harder than A & B, but still not bad. stage 3 loads with 3 ewok scouts, 1 ewok warrior, and teebo (boss). i'd suggest burning two of the scouts first. i've never found ewok warriors to be much of a threat, but the scouts can, and will, crit you for 7.5k. killing two of them makes it less likely that they will rng focus someone and kill them. kill ewoks, kill teebo, win. not difficult.

8-D: same as above for stage 1 & 2. stage 3 loads with 3 ewok scouts, 1 ewok elder, and Logray (boss). not hard. logray hits around 6k on a tank, more on other characters, but is slow. like 8-C, the most dangerous thing is the 3 scouts.

the best way to avoid rng focus from the AI is to convince your allies to load up an RG for you.
he soaks up ewok scout crits like a champ, and gives you a chance to kill them. i never had RG die though.



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