Raid Mk1,2,3 tokens are too similar…. Hurts eyes!

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The 3 new raid currencies are VERY hard to distinguish on small devices (phones). Why not differentiate them by color, style, etc…. Better yet, why not have 1 raid currency? Or… why not allowed filtering by clicking on the currency at the top of the screen. Point is, Mk1, 2, 3 Raid Tokens are painful to identify when scrolling the store. It’s awful design that fails to consider device size or players with less than perfect vision. e770wc41yp1e.jpeg


  • YES! It's a horrible game design..
  • masters
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    Who are the ad wizards that designed these tokens? Impossible to tell when looking at the expanded store options. Is confusion the intent?

    I still don't understand what happens with the guild tokens. I have 69k of those.
  • masters
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  • CrispyFett
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    1000% agree. I'm not sure how this passed by any human eyes and wasn't immediately recognized as an issue. Just change the colors to be different, simple fix
  • Boofpoof
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    Agree. A change in color would be a very simple fix to this issue
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    I think they all look like trash and the person who designed them should be fired. The store is now so unfriendly and impossible to navigate. I have to scroll for 10 minutes through worthless trash in order to find the good items only to find out that all I have currency for is the trash. This is disgusting and there is too much garbage in the shop page now.
  • Ultra
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    Need to hear @Jacgul response on what he thinks
  • nfidel2k
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    I say go simple. Copper, Silver, Gold for the raid tiers.
    And if Raid 2 is two medals, be consistent and make raid 3 three medals please.
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  • Raicall
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  • Sloth243
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    Make no color. Just a white circle (black center) with white I, II, and III for the token type

    Or anything that makes it more clear on a small screen. I also would like to see this adjusted
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    Found this on reddit. Cleaned it up a bit to make it family friendly.
  • Sloth243
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    lol, “NOT GREAT”
    I can imagine quite a few things that would go there.

    Thank you, I needed a good chuckle this evening
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