The Raid that goes nowhere

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There are a lot of things that need to be said about this raid, and a lot that needs to be talked about. The rewards are part of that, but there are other threads for this.

Conceptually, the raid is neat. Has it never occurred to anyone during testing that it doesn't go anywhere, though? There's no health bar, no transition to a more interesting or even different phase, nothing. There's no meaningful progress to be made here, just endless repetition, ad vitam aeternam.

You don't do anything. You get your damage in, and eventually the raid just... ends. Not because you've beaten it, just because you did the number of points you were meant to do.

It's like having a step counter and getting your steps in pacing in an empty room. Eventually you're just... done, and then you sit down and continue to do what you were doing before: go nowhere.

That's it. Much like the new raid, thi--


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