The new raid system is trash. I’d honestly trade the new raid in for the way everything used to be. After everything else that has been taken away from players this couldn’t be more obvious that CG is try to beat a pay play into everyone. The game is disheartening and depressing.


  • Shmoopyz
    71 posts Member
    The new system is good with the tiered rewards. Also the new raid is cool

    But the rewards are bad compared to before and everyone is now railroaded into farming Jabba. :|
  • I do think in general they need to address the rewards, without being overly negative this raid really doesn’t deliver on the reward front. Aside from the currency we get they really should have put a character + gear rewards. Could have brought in Darth Krayt or anyone for that matter. I don’t mind the raid but it’s definitely another gate keeping system inspiring to pay for progress because they’re certainly hesitant to give us gameplay methods of progression.
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