Is there still an effective join phase for legacy raids?

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Hi, we're thinking of running Sith raid next.

Once a legacy raid is autolaunched, is there still a 24 join period before scores can be submitted?

If a player solos the raid in 5 minutes as soon as submission begins, will the other players get the max guild crate at raid end even if they don't submit a score?

I read everywhere that the legacy raids last 2 days. How is that broken into join phase (if any) and score submission phase?



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    I believe once the raid is finished you still have to go in and do a battle. It will have the score of ‘0’ and ask if you want to post score or discard. Everyone who goes in and actually posts a 0 score will get rewards. At least that’s how I understand it?
  • Gawejn
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    You can launch raid, setup time when raid will start, players who will log to game will gain status as joined (it is auto). And thats it.
  • subxsimo
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    In other words sit back and let couple of people complete the raid because it makes no difference.

    I wouldn’t do this because I enjoy raids but whether you do 99% all someone else has to do to get the same rewards is watch the ending.

    How did cg class this as an upgrade, the only people it benefits is lower level toons who’s would come 20th in raids but for everyone else ur getting less rewards for no reason.
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