Please add 'Personal Rewards" to the other raids.

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There are many, many guilds out there like mine who are discovering that they will be better off doing the Sith raid instead of the Krayt raid because the rewards will be much better. bit of a bummer, to be honest. the lowest rewards of the new raid should be better than the best rewards of the old raid, imo, hopefully that will get adjusted. for now though, it appears we'll be doing the Sith raid for the foreseeable future.
i have no doubt that every other guild doing the Sith raid follow the same pattern as my guild. there are around 10 of us who show up to actually clear the raid every time while everyone else sits back and collects their free rewards. that's always been fine with me because participating always meant better rewards. anyone in the guild was free to participate and we were always more than happy to share the top spots fairly, but it was generally the same 10 people showing up time after time and it worked out fine for everyone.
now though, without the incentive of greater rewards for our efforts, the Sith raid is going to be nothing more than a freakin' chore. i'm sure it'll be the same 10 of us clearing it but we'll do so grudgingly. if 40 people want to sit back and let the 10 of us do the work, i have no problem with that but the 10 of us doing the work do deserve a little extra somethin-somethin.
please do consider adding that Personal Reward track to compensate the 10 people in every guild who roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work everyone else can't be bothered with.


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    After seeing everyone is playing old Sith raid instead of their shiny kyrant dragon, The fix will come and they will reduce the rewards from sith.
  • If this were to happen I’d love to keep the mechanic of being able to swing at the boss after it’s cleared. My guild sometimes starts it at times I’m at work and I am not able to swing
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