Heroic Sith bugged


More details:

First notice how it still says we are in phase 1.

Second - I was first to post damage...it did not finish phase 1, it just kept reviving nihilus and I killed him 3 times before he finally wiped my slkr

Third - after that it would start me in phase 1 with marauder and assassin alive...I hit them once and it does the end phase scene and takes me to the next phase

Fourth - as each of the next phase were completed, it still starts on phase 1, let's you hit once, then goes through the end scenes of each phase until you get to the phase we were actually on

Fifth - we completed the final phase, but are still 800k points shy of max crate and now it still starts in phase 1, let's you hit once, then goes through all the cut scenes and finishes the raid and let's you post 0...but now cannot get the final 800k
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