what should i focus on

Hey Guys,

i just started playing again after a little time but i can't see the forest through the trees. Can anyone help me on what i should focus at the moment which helps me the most long term?



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    Don't neglect fleets, they are very important moving forward. Having a few teams to use in GAC is important as well because it will be your main source of crystals.
    While characters like the Revans, Malak and GAS are good, you're probably better off picking a GL and staying focused on that. SEE is probably the easiest for you to get, although he's not as versatile as the others. SLKR is awesome, but because you need the finalizer he might be better as your second GL.
  • Phaq
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    Hey, i just use this threa to capture it :) Also started again after 4 or even more years break.. dunno. Well i wanted to have a look if its still fun. But hell there is so much to do now...
    Is there any source where i can find a good overview on whats good for what? Which characters to focus on, which quests, battles etc etc?

    And a legend for character names would be nice as i dont know whats a GAS or GL etc :)

    Thank you guys
  • Revan110
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    GAS is General Anakin Skywalker, and GL is Galactic Legend
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