Ugnaught Kingdom 450m GP recruiting

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Ugnaught Kingdom

💫430+ millions GP (when full),
💫 HSTR until they fix rewards
💫27 stars in ROTE,

We are strong and friendly, mainly UK/ EU based guild that is looking to expand our ranks. We all work together for the benefit of the guild, with a strong focus on facing challenges with determination, and want to ensure everyone feels part of something bigger and are able to enjoy the game.

Some Key facts about the guild:

Raid damage time: STR 08:00 PM GMT (UK time), CPit 07:00 GMT (UK time)
❗️Discord chat is mandatory ❗️
We use this to share ideas information and chat freely about the game, but have found it vital in helping with territory battles and territory wars.

What we are looking for:

✅Active, friendly players
✅GP of 7.5+ million GP
✅4+ GL’s
✅GAC Kyber 3+
✅ TW/TB focused
✅ Daily 600 tickets

Jabba owner and/or Reva mission would be ideal.

If you are interested and would like to talk to us about joining then please PM me or join our recruitment server:
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