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Hello, I've been playing swgoh f2p for a while and I've severely noticed the amount of grinding required for even a single character. Not to mention the very limited amount of resources, especially skill upgrades. I've seen talk about the Hyper Bundle a lot but I have a few questions.

1. If I do not OWN a character, like absolutely 0 shards, do I still unlock them at 5 stars? The description of the Bundle from EA states it doesn't give out shards or whole units so I'm confused on that

2. Are gear levels and star upgrades applied manually or are they auto spent upon purchase?

3. Is the Bundle actually worth it at level 54 with only 1 gear power 7 hero NOT included in the bundle? I've seen people say it's not worth it if you're only getting half the rewards anyway, yet I'm low on almost everything even now

Thanks guys


  • Georgee
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    1. yes
    2. auto
    3. I'm not sure I understand. You are level 54 and you have all the characters included in the bundle bar one on the gear level 7? So your first question was about this one character?

    I bought HDB somewhere between one and two months of playing, not sure about my level at that time. It was definitely worth it. Used the gear for a long time and having all those toons on five stars were quite convenient.
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    If you ever spend any money on the game, the gear and everything other than characters is by far the best value spend you could ever do.

    So even if you had every single character already above 5 stars, it's still great value, compared to any other spending in this game.
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    I think he was trying to say that he currently has a single seven star character and it is not included in the bundle.

    To answer if it is worth it, I'd say definitely!
  • Revan110
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    It is very much worth the purchase and probably the best bundle they have released.

    When it was brand new I got it as I had just gotten back into the game and knew what I wanted to work on, got it the second day after thinking on it for a day.
  • Jacgul
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    I did not get it and it took about 6 or 8 months before I would say I was able to compete with people that had gotten it. And a decent amount of spending of characters I wanted. By that I mean easily more than the bundle cost.
  • Cweneldic
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    the gear alone is well worth the cost. getting a bunch of 5 star and g8 characters and 5 star ships on top of that is a sweet bonus!
    it also gives you characters to unlock quite a few legendary characters right away, and one of those will lead you into another one.
    i remember when it came out originally I made a spreadsheet to convert the pack into crystal value and compare it to the crystal pack prices. and that was just for gear available for crystals at the time lol. it was quite a bit of savings, although this did not account for the characters and the gear to get them to g8 lol
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    Alright, thank you guys for this! I'll definitely get it at some point when I have the cash to spare :)
  • Artha
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    Hey guys,
    Do anyone know if I already have a 7stars character that also belong to the bundle, will my character lose the current stars and come back to 5, or will keep the 7stars and will I receive the shards from the bundle to change in the shards shop??
    Thanks in advance
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