Update 5/10/2023

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Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

  • NEWS
  • Raid Economy tuning
  • Added new consumables to the Conquest Pass+: Deployable Cooling Systems, Overprepared I, and Dread.
  • RoTE Saw TB Mission on Kashyyyk
  • Fixed "Size Matters Not" feat to look for Galactic Legends
  • Fixed a bug where Magnaguard could take infinite turns when there is No Confidence modifier active.
  • Fixed Sector 3 feat "Imperial Inquisition" Purge feat incrementing when 9s is the enemy leader
  • Resolved an issue where Merrin would attempt to apply Plague twice to the same target instead of the target and a random other enemy with Tiers 2-4 of Shadow Stride if the first Plague application was resisted
  • Fixed Outrider's Unique description to match functionality
  • Fixed an issue where Tusken Chieftain's leader ability wouldn't grant Momentum for enemies gaining Turn Meter after the first encounter
  • Fixed an issue where Tusken Chieftain's leader ability was giving less Tenacity than it should per stack of Momentum
  • Added Bundle of Explosives to the Krayt Dragon Hunt's Final Phase details
  • Adjust the Guild Raid Difficulty Modifier selection popup to respect the device notch/safe zones.
  • Fixed an issue where The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)'s leader ability would grant 2% Turn Meter multiple times after enemies had been summoned
  • Fixed an issue where the attempt limit for battles in guild raids reset at the guild reset time instead of being limited to 5 for the entirety of the raid
  • Updated Guild Reward Track crates in raids to use different titles for clarity
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Tokens incorrectly stated they could be earned from raids.


  • CG_Tusken_Meathead
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    Known Issue - Personal Reward Track's that have 3 items earned, only displays 2. You are still getting all 3 items. This is just a visual issue.
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