Jml teir 3 issues

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I breezed through first three times of trying teir 3 and now lost two in a row. Vader recovers health and protection faster than can deal dmg. Using the direction of vids on it. Something happen wasted 120 tickets. Is there some issue with it?
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    With this mod set up never lost a single time
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    I’ve just done it 5 times in a row with this set up, so don't think there's a bug in it. I find it’s good to start off using the granted ability, and use his first special as often as possible. That way his counter chance is nice and high and to keep damage up on Vader, during his turn as well as yours.

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  • crzydroid
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    I'm pretty sure it has to be a modding issue. I have never struggled with this tier, and I've often replayed it whenever any of these posts have been made to make sure I'm not crazy. What is your damage? Post your gg so people can help with your modding.
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    I failed it twice. I had a lot of offence on JKL. Dropped it a bit and put on a crit damage triangle and had no further problems.

    If BitDynasty has done a guide (I can't remember which one I used) then maybe have a look. His advice is generally very good, IMO.

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  • Crazytrain_666
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    Is that a crit damage triangle or offense?
    I just redid it as well and I haven’t changed any mods on JKL no issues
  • Dylarrs is the guide I used
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