Dark Side 5-K

I need to beat the 5-K battle to get purple gear... I almost won the battle one time but no luck, any tips? Old Daka is weak, Talia is weak too, Dark healers are too weak and darth maul is weak... Hum.. Well.. Seems like the only characters that reach the last step are Darth Sidious, Kylo Ren and Boba fett as ally (All leveled 49 or 50) and... God, I hate this level and I can't beat it... Any tips or idk, alternative for the mk4 arakyd droid caller? (I know that you can get it from the shipments.)


  • AdamW
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    It took a few tries for 3 stars but I finally got lucky with dakas stuns. If she landed a stun, I would focus fire a different enemy, as much as i could to keep them from seeing a turn. I also used an allies 3.6k Asaji Ventress which helped, used her aoe every time an enemy was almost dead, and I got lucky with a couple of stuns. Dooku also landed a stun.
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