Recommended purchases with each currency after Krayt

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I'm interested in knowing what everyone is purchasing with their currencies, especially now that we have more gear available with the new MK1, MK2, and MK3 tokens. Here's what I'm buying:
* GET1: G12 gear
* GET2: Kyros
* GET3: Impulse detectors, gyrda keypad. Maybe switch to Kyros?
* ShardS: Purple G12 gear, gold G12+ gear when needed.
* MK1: Purple sub-G12 gear as needed.
* MK2: Gold G12+ gear
* MK3: Kyros and Zetas seem bad value, so maybe Impulse detectors and Zinbindles, and Aeros as needed?
* Guild tokens: save for characters if needed, otherwise random gear.

Would anyone advise doing anything differently?
Kyros obviously being the chokepoint, I'll probably switch to buying them with GET3 (aside from GAC tokens, obviously).
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