One Energy timer

So I just noticed that energy refreshes every 6 minutes now, and cantina energy has gone from every 10 minutes to 12 minutes.

And the way the drop rate/“chance” is, all of this just makes the game even less appealing to play.

What is it that CG hope to achieve? Less players?
It’s only going downhill, with how they think the game will be better.


  • That is how it has always been though.
  • crzydroid
    7139 posts Moderator
    These have been the timers since at least 2016. Regular is 10 energy per hour, and cantina 5 per hour. Maybe this is where you were confused. Or maybe you were thinking that a timer of 10 minutes means cantina energy would fill to the max of 144 in 24 hours, which would be nice, but alas, had not been.
  • subxsimo
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    This is the way, it’s always been
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