Krayt Raid Rewards - Reward Timing

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I have a suggestion, instead of pushing the rewards to the very end (with the recent change) why not go the opposite direction? Your guild breaks the thresholds, you get rewards for that immediately, next one you get the difference for that and so on. Not a change in rewards, just when we get it.

I think this would do well in terms of motivation for guildies to get their runs earlier (and probably do the raid more). This was something impossible with other raids due to the structure and "beating it" design. Now it's completely within reach.

And yea, besides that I think the dumping majority of things on the guild track was a misstep, launch structure felt pretty rewarding...for me to go the extra mile and try to learn the raid better. Now I don't care, it's not like the guild (and most guilds) are the very edge of a threshold and next interval only happen if most plays well.

I think this is something that can be talked separetely from the rewards-economy somewhat and would get buried in the merge topic.
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