Lost need help (Spent way too much to just quit)

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Hey Yall

Hope May 4th was good to you guys in farming.

As the title suggests. I'm just lost. I rushed both revans after getting the hyperdrive bundle. Crystral refresehed the shops for Malgus and eventually got my Darth Malek through the events.

I'm just so lost on what I should be doing now. I know most guides point to the executor, but should I be especially with the new ships coming out.

Should I relec my darth revan/malgus team first to 3 each before proceeding to anything or is that too early.

Should I be farming bounty hunters first and if so what should the team be to farm.

When do I start the mado quest, as I know that this is a pre requisite for the executor farm.

Any advice would be awesome from you guys as well as any criticism.

Thanks in advance.
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    Pick a character you want for fun reasons and do that. I love Dash so much at the moment, fun character. For a traditional what to do next, a strong ship can be great and boost GAC massively so people tend to go that direction
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    Sunk cost fallacy ... don't fall for it.
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    My initial reaction is pick a gl and go for it. When Sith fleet info drops you may consider going for that or you may feel you want to focus one of the others.

    Post your ally code and people might be able to give you more specific suggestions.
  • Go for SEE and executor, natural synergy of farm, plus a bunch of useful and cool characters.
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