ANZGC AseaniX - 486 mil , 33* RotE is recruiting. GMT+8 TW focused Guild; Reva shards on farm

AseaniX (ANZGC Alliance)

GMT+8 Asia based Guild looking for new applicants!
468M/46 Memeber

Guild Reset:
10:30 AM UTC 6:30 PM GMT+8

Krayt Raid

RoTE TB 33 stars
35 Reva shards

TW focused
25 win 8 loss since 2022.9.22

Guild Requirements
9,000,000 min. GP
Min. 6 GLs (must have Jabba the Hutt)
7* Executor and Profundity
Kyber 2 or above
Reva ready

Recruitment contact (via Discord):
• Guild Leader : AZMIN#6089
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