415 mil gp guild looking for active players

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415 mil gp
Knights of the Danish Wiking is looking for active players.

Below is some information about our guild and our expectations for people interested in joining our guild

- TW/TB focused.
- Krayt raid, goal of getting 90 mil crate
- Rote TB 22 stars
- A few Reva shards but we are working to get many more

You must have at least...
+6,5 mil gp
3 gl + Executor/Profundity
Decent/good mods
And we expect the guild to work on Grand inquisitor to get Reva shards and afterwards Jabba.

If you're active and close to filling these expectations you can write to us and see if we have a spot

You can join our alliance discord and speak with the KOTDW officers or write to me directly.
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