Uwol_Nar Shaddaa. Looking for a new player

Casually Competitive

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/12405/uwol_nar-shaddaa/

Nar Shaddaa has an opening.
Joining TW and placing a defense is required.
Adding to Platoons and deploying is required.
We're a laid-back quiet guild that assumes you know what needs to be done and that you can follow in game instructions as well as not forgetting your game responsibilities.
We are a GAC, TB, & Conquest focused guild. Meaning, we don't force you to use Omicrons for TW.
TB - Participation is required. We do 2 ROTE, platoons and deployment are the minimum requirements.
TW - Mandatory to join, but you can set primary defense if Real Life requires it. We take wins when we can. We are content with not stressing over it, but we do play to win.
Guild Info
Guild reset 7:30pm.
Raids - honestly don't know the info on this just yet. we play the newest one.
If we have a roster opening, just apply in game. We'll add you and give you our personal discord. You can reply to me here or go to the discord recruitment center below and ask for me.
If we're not the right fit, no worries. We're part of an alliance.
Please join the alliance discord recruitment center here https://discord.gg/36h9QEU and ask about Nar Shadda or simply search and apply in game. Or just contact me in game.


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