Any recommendations on arena teams?

I currently have Chewy 4* JC 4* Resistance Trooper 3* Eeth Koth 3* and Cad Bane 3*. I am farming JC in Cantina, Darth Sidious in Arena shipments (I have 60/80 of his shards), Luminara I'm GW (I have 31/50 of her shards) and Boba Fett in Cantina Shipments


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    My arena team is - Sid, Lumi, JC, DM, and Ima Gun - Di. Chewy is viable in arena but around lvl 45 he starts to lose some of his power.JC is pretty decent - good heal , reduced CD's etc.. Lumi and Sid are must atm. I am farming Boba, but imo Old Daka is better option and i am a bit harsh on myself cuz of that.Cad Bane can be useful but the RNG with him is too strong - wouldn't recommend. i Think with the Lumi, Sid and boba alongside with JC you should be fine. You have to find better option then chewy, an trust me - there are a lot of them. I strongly recommend TIE fighter and Phasma - very helpful toons and i think that fives or daka can do good job in you squad.
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    Tanks aren't that useful in arena... they usually just die last. I don't even have an AOE heavy team and I can pretty much negate Chewy by sticking a heal debuff on primary target and then AOEing when Chewie taunts. He just seems worthless in PVP... PVE is another story though.
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