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What star level will it be unlocked at?
25 Def Penetration or 25%?
25 flat
Does the stacking defense penetration work while Dagger is on the bench? Or does it have to be active when an enemy falls below 100% health for it to trigger?
It has to be active when the enemy falls below 100%
Why is this part of the Sith Leviathan even tho it has nothing to do with Sith Empire?
Leviathan leads the Sith fleet overall, not just Sith Empire
How’s your day Meathead?
I had to delete my original answer, but I'll just say I'm doing great :)
Does TIE Dagger count as a TIE Fighter for TIE Defender, etc?
Why does ability 1 shoot lasers from the middle of the ship, while ability 2 clearly shoots from the tips of each wing?
The type of armament that the TIE Dagger uses has a set of lasers under the cockpit and a set embedded in the wings. The L-s9.6 laser cannon is under the cockpit (like other first order fighters) and the L-7.0 heavy laser cannons are in the wing.
With the 2nd unique ability, are the increased max protection and tenacity calculated only once either when the TIE dagger is called as a reinforcement or the start of battle? Or does a recalculation happen whenever a sith ally is defeated and/or enters the battle?
One time calculation either at start of battle or when reinforced. If other allies are defeated or enter battle it won’t impact these stats.
Would you say the Sith trooper looks more like a squid or a lobster?
Faucet (FoSiT… heh) - Anonymous [Don't worry folks, I shook my head at them in a disapproving manner]

Personally I think a Lobster - Meathead
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