Do you think we will ever see Andor Toons in SWGOH?

I know Andor S1 has been over for a while but we didn't get any toons for it in the game. I personally would've loved to see Luthen, Vel, or Saw Gerrera in the rebel fighter faction. And Dedra Meero and Major Partigatz in the empire faction. And maybe Cryill though I don't know what faction he'd be a part of.


  • Saw is in the game…
  • Nici
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    Luthen with his bad a*s ship would be awesome.
    One of his special abilities could be disguise and he changes his outfit, put wig on and can't be hit anymore. :)
    That could be such an awesome toon.
  • When they'll change SRP's name to Melshi
  • Whatelse73
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    Andor was a good show that was very popular, CG has already seen the dollar signs from Andor so it's a good bet we'll get at least 3-4 characters from the show because players will spend to get them.
  • Andor and Bad Batch toons are all I want from life.
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