Looking for Super Active Guild

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Ally-Code: 415-916-939
Link to swgoh.gg:
Gear12: 27characters
Relic: 25 characters
*I got CLS, GAS, GG, working on getting SEE and moving towards JKLS. 7star Negotiator.
**I have 3 omicrons for Territory War.
Galactic Power:
Character/Ship GP: 1,925,314/1,344,173
Player Level: 80
Number of 7*: 3
Number of 6*: 2
Number of 5*: 8
Average Arena Rank: 578-squad. 58-fleet
Type of Play: F2P
Time-zone: EST
**I play everyday and I’m super committed to invest resources in what is needed from me. Wanting to get Wat Tambor, and keeping moving forward.


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