The Republic is recruiting!

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Welcome to the Republic!
We are a family of 14 guilds from around the world, a dedicated community that works together for the benefit of each guild family. From the early days of HPIT in 2016 up to the present day challenges of RotETB, the Krayt raid, and GLs, the Republic has been an established and ever-growing community of fun and competitive players.

We have a Guild to suite nearly any roster! From Beginner to End-Game Players our Guilds are Goal Oriented, with unmatched Leadership, Resources and Alliance support!

RotETB - 32 stars + 44 Reva shards
Krayt Raid - 139m damage
LSGEOTB - 33 star️s+ 45 KAM shards
DSGEOTB - 33 star️s + 50 Wat shards

Competitive Guilds ranging from 80m GP to 480m GP, we have a guild for every play style!

EU and Americas focused with one guild catering to our Asian Pacific players.

Majority of top arena players including GA. Daily conversations on GL farming and GL killing.

Shared recruiting and theory-crafting keeps every guild operating at their best!!!

Solid officer corps in each and every guild

We have amazing comradery that transcends individual Guilds devoted to the improvement of the Alliance
With collaboration on GAC, TW, TB, Raids, Roster Improvement, Farming, Counters and much more!


We're proud of our guilds and are confident you can find your new home with us! If you are looking for a place to enjoy gaming through this year and next, please drop in and chat with us at

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  • AfroJihad
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    Only a few spots left yall! Don't miss your chance to grow WITH like minded players all committed to the same objectives...scoring as many reva shards as possible and chasing the next rewards crate for the Krayt Dragon Raid. numbers are rising
  • Best alliance in the galaxy!
  • ilNomad
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    Is your allegiance to the Republic, to democracy?? If so, check us out! Kessel rocks!
  • AfroJihad
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  • AfroJihad
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    Browse our guilds if you find one you like Please apply using the available Discord link inside! it's like the fast pass at Disneyland yo! No waiting in the looking for guild lobby! you get flagged as a recruit and will get you IMMEDIATELY redirected tobthe on-boarding channel of the guild you selected! Hope see you in SERVER GUYS. We're a growing family!! come add your unique and collective experiences to ours and let's make something special Happen!!
  • We've got the entire spectrum from starter guilds to competitive end- game!
    I personally oversee our starter guild, we've got some spaces open for new and growing players. We can find you a home no matter what level. Come check us out!
  • we just on-boarded a new 300m guild got room for a few players. come on by for a chat !
  • The Republic wants YOU to join its ranks!
  • We're filling fast yall come find out why!
  • Just officially welcomed 4 new guilds into our family ! We've got a few new spots available but they won't last long! join today..jqez8dbuoe7y.jpg
  • We would be honored if you would join us
  • I'd love to join! I've been playing around 3 weeks. Level 50. I play everyday and have been getting 600 tickets daily. 235-485-256
  • heateris
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    Everything from hardcore competitive to casual! Come check us out!
  • AfroJihad
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    Trust me this is one of the last few good Alliances around! come see what we got!
  • Isn’t it time you settled down and joined a reputable guild? You’ll find what you’re looking for in the Republic. Join now!
  • If you find yourself reading this then it is the will of the force and you should find yourself not lucky but blessed 🙏 to have found one of the best places in the known universe for growth and progression! With a family of 16 guilds You can bet we've got a guild JUST for you!
  • Come on come ALL! After TB we're opening Lothal!
    Oh wow what's Lothal? good question! It used to be a casual retirement home that we revamped and turned into our newest starter guild! And IT HAS NO GP REQUIREMENTS ! In fact WE'RE WELCOMING ALL pre lvl65 players!
  • Join the Republic. You’ll love it or your money back guaranteed!
  • Our server works just like other recruiting servers. we have guilds that'd love to have you so when you get time jump in our server post your in our looking for guild channel to receive offers... hope to see you there because...This Alliance is like the Sun 🌞, a warm camp 🏕 fire 🔥, a beacon of light that shines through to the darkest corners of a Star Wars Galaxy that is unforgiving and IMPOSSIBLE TO NAVIGATE ALONE. I am but a humble servant of the Republic Alliance here to assist all who seek to To come in out of the cold abyss of GUILDESSNESS! Take my hand ✋
  • We love it here....come see why!
  • SunnyRen wrote: »
    I'd love to join! I've been playing around 3 weeks. Level 50. I play everyday and have been getting 600 tickets daily. 235-485-256

    hey 👋 did you join? it's not too late
  • We a wonderful Discord community with over 700 members and theres a good reason why SO MANY have come to call this place home 🏡! We got it popping over here in OUR little corner of the galaxy! I can show ya better than I can tell ya!!!
  • Come join us!
  • c20ud5ph3ayv.gif
    the second link is to our Alliance page on swgoh recruitment site to browse our available guilds
  • We've got guild for everyone
    From beginners to end-game players
    Join Republic now!
  • we've got it all figured out folks come see why we're rated number#1 by our members
  • Very helpful and friendly atmosphere
    Tons of resources and players with amazing knowledge
    If I wasn't already a part of The Republic, would definitely join again :)
  • Life is good here in the Republic Alliance! With all the resources available our in-game experience is geared toward success but the best part about us is actually our Discord community and with over 1000 members there's always something going on! We got free movies star wars trivia Meme wars and much more! join the party🥳🎉🪅🎊🍺🍻
  • Lost a good one recently.... We got a rare opening in my own guild! Think you got what it takes!? BRING IT....
    Other rare opportunities available as well
  • Looks like the new raid is officially on the way!! Join now and get settled in before things get crazy! We've got dome really good guilds with new vacancies due to retirements...
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