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Hey folks, first off, sorry about the delay on this, had a couple things pop up of the personal nature that delayed this a bit. Better late than never B)

Do the Devouring Swarm thresholds that say “above/below” a number of stacks include the exact value of those stacks? I.e. will the Mark VI get its instakill at exactly 40 stacks, or only 41 and up? (Also if it does instakill at 40 stacks does that kill the Mark VI as well?)

Below/above are not stated as inclusive. So, to gain 10 stacks on the basic, you need to have 9 or less stacks. “If above 40 stacks” means above 40, so to instakill you need to be at 41. The reason why it works that way is because of the -40 stacks. It would kill Mark VI in the process of killing another ship.
The basic says annihilate if above 40 stacks, and gain 30 for each ally sith reinforced. So if the MK VI is the 2nd reinforcement, can it annihilate turn 1?

Reinforcement stacks are gained for every other ship reinforced. That means, Mark VI is not included in the stack gain when it is reinforced.
Why is Bastila Shan the requirement for Leviathan and not the (Fallen) version?

At the point in the legend of Darth Revan where the fleet at his disposal included Leviathan, Bastila Shan was still a member of the Jedi Order, and that is the version we chose for the requirements.
Is the only way to regain stacks of Devouring Storm using the 1st special ability?

There are a few interactive ways to gain stacks:
-Special1 “Can’t Outrun This”
-Reinforcing Mark VI
-An Ally gaining Defense Up
-Retribution expiring or being dispelled

Does the dispel on losing 2 stacks of devouring swarm also give the 5 stacks of devouring storm?
The only dispel that gives Mark VI stacks, is when Retribution is dispelled.
Is the stack of Ferocity the same as the Ferocity in Darth Revan’s kit? Should we expect to see it appear in the Leviathan as well?
Ferocity is the same as Darth Revan’s
Will attacks that damage twice remove multiple stacks of swarm?
Yes, any time Mark VI receives damage, it will lose 2 stacks of swam.
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How is your day going meathead? (PS I appreciate you asking every time <3 )
ITS FRIDAY!!!! Hope you're doing well.
It's stated in the 1st unique that if the ship has Retribution, its attacks ignore protection. Does this occur only during counter attacks or any attack? (Basic & specials alike)
This will be any attack, as long as Mark VI has Retribution.
Why Malak for R9 if he doesn’t have a ship?
Darth Malak was Darth Revan’s apprentice/second in command, which thematically makes him a good choice for a prerequisite in this case.
What is the most amount of Devouring Storm stacks that Mark VI can start off with when entering as a reinforcement assuming that there are 4 other allied ships? Also, does any ship (sith or not) still apply the high amount of stacks provided the capital ship is Sith Empire?
If Mark VI is the 4th reinforced ship the most stacks it will gain is 90. Yes, any ally ship that is reinforced counts for the stacks.
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