Cls Tier 6 Battle

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I am struggling hard on this one. Granted everyone is low ability, I’ve seen people cheese it this way with the right mods, as I did for Thrawn. Any advice on what mods to use would be much appreciated.

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  • crzydroid
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    It may just be a bit early for you yet. Seeing as how some of your 5-dot mods are level 1, I'm guessing you are out of credits. The gear on your units should be fine for a minimum, but you probably need to raise their levels a bit. Keep working on your mods too.
  • crzydroid
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    It looks as though you probably have some work to do increasing ability levels as well. R2's Number Crunch zeta could especially help.
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    Yeah. I figured. Free to play credit grind sucks. Lukes special ability maxed looks really promising for it, but a waste since it’s only useful for this event
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