Grand Arena Sandbox

One of the best parts of this game is Grand Arena in my opinion. This is what keeps me playing the game.

Quick background story - I joined the game because some close friends played and I thought I'd enjoy playing with them. Quickly I learned I was behind without a reasonable way of catching up to friends that has been playing for years.

A Grand Arena Sandbox solves both of those issues and lets me incentivize bringing in even more friends as players. A quick 4 person separate tournament among friends would be great for the game - adding practice for increasing the quality and ingenuity of high level play, and gamesmanship and comraderie for casual players hoping to enjoy the game with friends.

I'll probably never catch up with my friends to battle in their guild or to get into their arena tiers, but a side game with them - no rewards needed - would add a really nice multiplayer aspect for friends. I can't wait to challenge them with our own personal rules against them using their Galactic Legends in practice against me!


  • Imagine a group round-robin-style tournament of 4-5 allies joining a challenge together, where we could choose the number of teams we use, or maybe even the length of the preview phase and the attack phase. Or, better yet, we have have a 6 hour preview phase and an 18 hour attack phase where we get to use our teams once against each opponent with 18 hours to attack all of our friends all day. This would add so much time and quality to my gaming experience.
  • Well said! Something like this could also open the doors to something bigger like an esport, bringing swgoh to a larger player-base
  • Was told to post on this, even though it won't matter.

    But I completely agree with this. More opportunity to not only interact with guldmates/friends but to also train and prepare new players for end game metas and match ups!
  • Oh, I didn't even think about how this could branch off an eSports possiblity with structured tournaments.
  • Still want this one day.
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