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The name and description of the Guild disappeared, instead of Cyrillic letters there are now question marks. Guild name "Благородные пираты". Ally code: 333-456-923

This problem is more than a month old, a couple of weeks ago I reported it here:

The error is still not fixed, so I'm writing here.
Is it possible to find out the approximate time frame for solving the problem?
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    We have the same problem, both the name of the guild and the description got lost, all the players in our guild have this problem. The leader's ally code is 822-427-362.

    And the same problem in the message of the day, and for a very long time and in the tags on the events. Instead of our inscriptions, he simply writes "??????"
    Please fix the mistake
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    Hello. Same thing. The leader's ally code is 997-168-448
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    Error remained after update i12vdo1ncs53.jpg
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    If it still persists after the forced update later today, you can bump a thread on Answers HQ.

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