Concept idea: HK-47's IL-5 Ocula

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Fiew notes: This is not exactly HK's ship, but it was made by Czerka crp. whose story interesects a lot with HK-series droids. So technically HK droids, as well as HK47 could use this ship a lot, during the time of his existance.
Unit Name: IL-5 Ocula
Faction: Attacker, Sith Empire, Droids, Hutt Cartel
Pilot: HK-47
  • (active ability)Burst Laser Cannon: deals (up to) 7 shots with high dmg with low accuracy(up to 50%). Each shot has a chance to inflict target lock to enemy ship. If that enemy already had TL - inflicts shock.
  • (active ability)Rocket Pods: deals dmg to all enemies, inflicts daze to all enemies and all piloted droid allies gain stealth. If any target was defeated - all allies recover protection and all Sith empire allies gain stack of ferocity.
  • (passive ability) Distortion Field: Enemies with conclusive mines on them can't dispell daze. Also, enemies that were critically hitted can't resist debuffs.
  • (active, pilot's ability)HK's "Concentrated fire": gains bonus turn and unique buff for that turn: his next attack can't be evaded, will 100% critically hit an enemy, Also, he inflicts breach and if enemy has target lock - inflicts deathmark. If enemy is killed - resets all cooldowns. (starts on cooldown)
  • Enter battle: inflict Target lock on target enemy for the rest of the battle which can't be dispelled and TL for 2 turn to all other enemies. Also inflict conclusive mines and grant all alliec accuracy up and critical chance up.


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    Never heard of this ship before
    Would be good to round out the Sith Empire Fleet
  • DarthDarknut
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    Interesting concept to allow HK-47 to have a ship as well as an excuse to include the IL-5 Ocula into the game.

    Hoping though that interchangeable ship crew may be an option to allow HK-47 to pilot the Ebon Hawk.
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