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Meathead, how are you doing today?
About to take some time off, so feeling REALLY good
Is Rex's omicron going to cost 20 mats? or will it cost more since there are multiple ways it works?
This will cost 20 Omicron materials
Why does captain rex not have an leader ability?
When we started thinking about the role that we wanted Captain Rex to fill, we zeroed in on existing factions and squads that were perhaps a bit older and in need of a lift. These squads already had Leaders, so Rex didn’t need to supply that for them. Instead of taking away from those existing Leader abilities, we focused on what those squads needed in order to feel competitive again.
Does Rex share all of his unique with other Phoenixes under a Hera lead? Including the omicron bits?
Yes, the Omicron portion will also be shared with Phoenix allies
If the blaster turret were to assist while the 3v3 omicron is active does it have a chance to inflict armor shred?
No, the blaster turret doesn’t also inflict Armor Shred with the 3v3 Omicron
What unit is Captain Rex supposed to replace in the current Phoenix lineup?
This depends on who you’re facing off against. Some matchups perform differently depending on who you rotate into the group.
Just want clarification on how this interacts with Hera lead. "Captain Rex gains 25% Critical Chance, 40% Max Health, 25 Speed, and 40% Tenacity" means every Phoenix squad member gets these bonuses as well? "Whenever any other Phoenix ally uses a Special ability, Rex assists dealing 40% less damage" means everytime a special is used, every Phoenix member is called to assist?
Yes, each Phoenix squad member will gain those stats under a Hera lead. Let’s be honest, they needed a big boost. Also while under a Hera lead, whenever a Phoenix ally uses a Special ability, every other Phoenix ally will assist.
Why release Captain Rex now? This seems random.
It’s never a bad time for more Rex
Will the marquee event give same amount of shards considering it's only a 3 tier event?
Yes, the rewards have been consolidated to ensure that the 3-tier marquee gives the same amount of rewards
In the Kit Reveal's GIFs, characters always fight against Probe Droids. Is there a reason why?
We need to keep the Empire from finding our base
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