Any help with a confusing account ban?

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Hello I’m new to the forum and looking for some guidance.

I logged in today after being busy several days with work to find I have a ban, seemingly permanent “due to repeat offenses”. Although I have never had “offenses” before so I’m quite perplexed.

Here is my as i can see in previous threads:

Can someone help me understand what happened? No reason was given for the ban. I’m quite sad I recently haven’t been able to devote as much time so I’m thinking my guild may have been upset with me?

Appreciate any help greatly!
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  • No one's gonna help you without being given any sort of context to your situation. Try customer support
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    Some of those GAC battles are rather short, especially that 17 second battle of your relic JMK vs G12-ish Ewoks. That might have gotten flagged (or be the issue at hand, not an expert in how fast such a lopsided battle can be when legit).
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    Is it a bought/gifted account? GAC has only really been played since May.
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    I'm just going to guess it might have something to do with this
  • Ghost666
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    Just to add that there were A LOT of these complaints lately...but mostly due to some "new" cheating search that located a lot of cases...that were not idnetified before...
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    Wed_Santa wrote: »
    Hi OP. The ban wording is confusing in that the ‘repeated offences’ refers to something that the cheat detection algorithms have spotted - not interactions with you (so this might be your first and only communication from them). So, before you appeal the ban (DM CG_Leviathan), you need to check that you’ve not earned the ban, by perhaps:
    Using an APK to get an unfair advantage in a PvE event
    Ditto in a PvP match
    Bought crystals etc from an unofficial source
    Transferred this account from another player who could have done any of the above
    Let your little brother/girlfriend/dog play your account (apparently the most common issue)
    If the answer to all the above is No, appeal to CG_Leviathan

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