Double the rewards reduce the frequency of the raid

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Seriously this raid is the most mind numbingly boring raid ever, as person who was manually soloing the HSITH raid every what 3 days ever since kylo came out and was actively participating in the crancor and never got bored out of it, I have fully checked it out of the new raid, go in same 8 to 9 teams do the battle get the most points submit over and over every 3 days, its on full auto pilot mode now. I honestly rather do the raid once every week for doubled rewards than keep doing it every 3 days, get rid of the ticket system and have it start on monday of every week like TB or TW
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  • CaesarAM
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    The faction limit was short sighted. Understand the idea behind it, but it’s a major factor in how quickly it has gotten so rote.
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    I have to agree, Jabba squad is my favorite to play.. except in the raid. I find it hard to want to play the lesser developed squads.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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    I have to agree. Raids used to be one of my favorite elements. No more:(
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    This should only effect the higher end raids imo. Early game players dont have access to proving grounds or ROTE and this would just limit our gameplay side of things even more

    Rancor, Tank and Sith raids should still be 2x a week otherwise this game will get boring very quick
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