Come join a 400 million GP guild to remember why SWGOH can be FUN!

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We have TWO spots open right now!

Do you want to make SWGOH fun again with an active and friendly guild? Want to be competitive in all game modes? Then Wookie_Insights is the guild for you! We're looking for ACTIVE members to join us!

What We Offer You
💥 400+ million GP when full
💥 170 GLs, 40 Executors, 14 Profundity, 12 Leviathan
💥 Fun and competitive
💥 Been together 3+ years
💥 No forced farming (voluntary ROTE Operations leveling and Inquisitor farming encouraged)
💥 24⭐️ in ROTE, 3-6 Reva shards
💥 Krayt: VERY close to 90m box
💥 We earn r9 in TW, even if we lose
💥 Independent guild, no big alliance oversight
💥 HotUtils enabled
💥 Discord:
💥 More info:

What We Are Looking For
✅️ 6.5 million GP minimum
✅️ 500 daily ticket minimum
✅️ Participation in ALL guild activities (ROTE, TW, and Krayt Raid)
✅️ Discord required
✅️ 2-4 GLs, 1 of the 3 meta capital ships
✅️ Friendly attitude!

We understand this is a game and don't want to make it a chore, but we encourage as much participation as you can. We also understand life happens, we just ask that you notify us ahead of time that you'll be busy if at all possible.

Come join Wookie Insights today if you want great rewards, great guildmates, and a great time!
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