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I’ve been getting this error at least 20 times a day. It’s consistently non stop. I can’t count how many battles I have lost because it wants me to reset the game. My internet connection is perfect. This also happens on CGs LOTR game. Bro this needs to be fixed. I’m scared to even play this game now
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    Legit scared?
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    This just cost me a full clear in gac and the championship. Been getting 2.0 since 15mins before conquest ended. I just beat Rey with SK and it errored.
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    BubbaFett wrote: »
    Legit scared?

    Must be, tossed a “bro” in there to emphasize the point
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    Have you tried playing on a different device, or on an emulator? It might be a hardware issue.
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    Please report to Answers HQ.

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