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Not sure if this has been suggested before, but it would be nice to have the ability to be able to help out newer (or less powerful) players to help them become more competitive in the PVP/Arena environment.

Specifically ... I'd like to see the ability to be able to 'loan' a team to a nominated ally (or allies) - for the duration of an event (GA).

The loaned team:
1. Would therefore not be available for the lender to use during the event (and the lender cannot take part in the event if they loan out more than one team)
2. Can only be used on defense.

The borrower:
1. Must be an ally of the lender.
2. Can only borrow one team (in total) per event (i.e.: Cannot borrow teams from multiple lenders in the same event).
3. Must arrange to borrow any team in the period after joining the event but before the setup phase.
4. The characters in the team borrowed effectively replace any of those characters that the borrower already has (with those characters being greyed out/unavailable for selection for the same event).
5. Borrowed team members would display in a different colour or have some sort of graphical feature to identify them as borrowed.

The lender:
1. Must be an ally of the borrower
2. Can only lend out one team if competing in the same event.
3. Can lend out multiple teams (one per borrower) if not taking part in the event.
4. The characters in the team (or teams) loaned out in this way would show as being deployed and unavailable to the lender during that event.

Obviously the specifics of the 'borrower request' and 'lender approval' process would need to be worked out.

Apologies if something like this has been suggested before ... or if this is a completely unworkable idea.


  • Why would anyone loan their team to anyone else…?

    Even if someone wanted to loan out a team, this can also be incredibly abused.
  • MGJC
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    Clearly not everyone would … and that’s fine - no one would force you to.

    However I have friends I have introduced to the game - who just find it impossible to be competitive.
    They’re stuck in the lower levels (which earn pitiful rewards) and just can’t advance.
    Some have given up and others are seriously looking at doing the same.
    I’d like them to stay in the game … so would be happy to loan teams occasionally to help them out.
    There were similar features in other mobile games I’ve played (Walking Dead-March to war … and Game of Thrones Ascent) where you could assist another player by garrisoning a team as part of their defence.

    There could be some form of incentive added to make loaning teams more palatable … but it could just be left to goodwill.

    This is purely a suggestion. This game has been going a fair while now … so getting new players in and getting them to stay is hard without (at least temporarily) helping to make them a little competitive.

    Just my 2c.
  • "being competitive" means different things at different times during roster development. If they're expecting to play for a few months or a year and rise to the top of arena or to the top of Kyber, they should adjust their expectations. That's just not how this game works. At least not without a significant financial out-lay.
    F2P since the last time I bought Kyros, Crystals, or the Conquest Pass.
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