TW squad set numbers

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else getting this post update
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    Pretty sure everyone is
  • Jimster1
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    Yes but if you click a sector it will display how
    Many squads are deployed
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    Edit: so apparently they are already looking into this, I didn't see the post from the 27th but it should go back to normal hopefully after the forced update
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    Title update, hotfix… they have come and gone and TW is still not showing the numbers 🙄
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    It’s amazing that something that was never an issue, becomes one when an update goes into place.

    Wish I had that job. Not fire-able
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    DonPuto wrote: »
    Jimster1 wrote: »
    Yes but if you click a sector it will display how
    Many squads are deployed

    Yeah cause that's convenient and didn't exist before the update.

    I agree it's not convenient. But it's better than not being able to see it at all.
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    This has been acknowledged already.

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