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How often will the Jedi Cal event run?
This will follow similar cadence to other Hero’s Journey and Legendary type events.
"The first time Impetuous Assault is used this encounter instantly defeat target enemy." Does this include or exclude Galactic Legends?
The Galactic Legend unique states “This unit takes reduced damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects. They take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses) and are immune to stun effects.” This is a destroy effect.
Ignoring the Damage Immunity, does JKCK’s unique make Jedi allies immune to CD Increase from Fear expiring?
Yes. When Fear expires on a character it increases their cooldowns by one, and Jedi Knight Cal’s unique ability Jedi Survivor stops that from happening.
"Stun target enemy for 1 turn and inflict them with Armor Shred for the rest of encounter" - Enemy isn't stunned for the rest of the encounter, right, just the Armor Shred?
Stun for 1 turn, Armor Shred for the rest of the encounter.
Is JKCK intended to counter any Galactic Legends?
He is on par with GLs in TB. Outside of that there were not specific Galactic Legends we targeted with him (altho Sith Empire was definitely something we wanted to target, especially for their use vs JML). Jedi is one of the most versatile factions, with JML being no exception, so we wanted to go the scary but exciting route of leaning into that.
Would you be able to use Jedi Master Luke's leader ability on Jedi Cal's 1st turn?
Yes, on Jedi Knight Cal’s first turn he has access to his basic and any other granted abilities that other characters might give him. In the case of Jedi Master Luke and Inherited Teachings, Cal can target another ally and they will attack out of turn as normal. However, if he uses his basic and unlocks his special abilities, during that bonus turn, he can only use his specials. His basic and any granted abilities will not be visible in the User Interface.
Does Whirlwind Slam lose the Daze with Omicron in TB?
Yes, while in Territory Battles, you lose Daze with the Omicron but gain an AOE stun & Armor Shred. In any other game mode, you still have the ability to Daze your opponents.
Impetuous Assault states under the omicron, "This ability can't be used unless Jedi Knight Cal Kestis has 30 stacks of Impetuous." Does this only apply to the omicron, or the whole ability?
The whole ability
Can Jedi Knight Cal use Jedi Master Luke's special Inherited Teachings? How does his AI prioritise it if he can?
Jedi Knight Cal only blocks the use of his special abilities. Any granted abilities Jedi Knight Cal gains from allies, enemies, or other modifiers (Galactic Challenge, Territory Battles, etc etc) are still available to him at the start of his turn. The exception to this is During Jedi Knight Cal’s bonus turn, where he only has access to his three specials. His basic and any granted abilities will not be available to him during that turn. The AI tends to prioritize Inherited Teachings when it can with Jedi Knight Cal.
Is the earliest Cal can achieve the instant defeat ability on his 4th Bonus turn? If not, then when? Please explain. Thank you.
The math is correct here. If you alternate your Configuration by swapping between Whirlwind Slam and Windmill Defense, then by turn 3 you will have achieved 30 stacks of Impetuous. This means Jedi Knight Cal’s 4th turn will be the turn that Impetuous Assault, the ability with an instant defeat, is available.
With the omicron on Whirlwind Slam, you lose the 2 turns daze on everyone for a 1 turn stun on everyone?
Daze goes on all of the non-targeted enemies. Your target will be Stunned for 1 turn. You also gain AOE Armor Shred and extra defensive bonuses on your next use of Windmill Defense.
Just to clarify, the 3rd special can only be used at 30 stacks of impetuous? Regardless if it is being used in TB or not?
Yes, the 30 Stack restriction is regardless of the game mode
Can you have negative stacks of Impetuous?
It is not possible to have negative stacks of Impetuous.
Who does JKCK synergize with the best?
Depends on the mode and situation! He does not have one best team, on purpose due to the flexibility the Jedi faction has in the game. His omicrons also allow for a much weaker team in TB than in other areas.
Configuration - Dual Wield can lower enemies’ Offense by up to 60%. Does this stack with the 50% from Offense Down (potentially leading to enemies having -100% Offense)?
They do stack.
What role in the meta is he supposed to fulfill?
We intended for him to be an absolute monster in the Territory Battle. Outside of TB, we wanted to give players more flexibility with their Jedi. Jedi Master Luke, Jedi Knight Luke, and Jedi Knight Revan all have a lot of power especially in their leads and we wanted to give players more room to work with for multiple competitive Jedi squads.
No mullet?
We used the canonical look for Jedi Knight Cal Kestis
Can you share a total of zetas and omicrons needs so I dont have to count?
Jedi Knight Cal Kestis has a total of 3 Zetas and 3 Omicrons. Zetas are on Windmill Defense, Impetuous Assault, and Jedi Survivor. Omicrons are on Whirlwind Slam, Impetuous Assault, and Weight of the Galaxy.
How’s your day going meathead? How is your summer Meathead?
This isn’t Meathead, but my day is going pretty good!
Is Cal meant to be a GL JML lifter?
In the realm of CAT to JMK, no, but he will absolutely help you spread out all these powerful Jedi while in PvP. In TB…. he’s his own beast.
Regarding Cal's crossguard stance, I understand it's locked until you gain 30 stacks of Impetuous. Is this stance still locked even after being used once? Or can it be used freely at that point.
Impetuous Assault only becomes unlocked at 30 stacks of Impetuous. Because the use of Impetuous Assault removes stacks of Impetuous, you will need to use either Whirlwind Slam or Windmill Defense to get back up to 30 stacks and regain access to Impetuous Assault.
Hows your guy's week going?
I’m trying to convince Meathead to have lunch with me but he won’t :(
Finally done trolling Red 5?
What leader is recommended outside of territory battles?
Jedi Knight Cal does well with just about every Jedi Leader. That being said, he complements Jedi Master Luke, Jedi Knight Luke, and Jedi Knight Revan particularly well.
An animation question, will Cal's saber still be seen with whatever configuration was last picked until it changes? Or will the saber revert after each animation to the single saber?
It will revert after each animation to the single saber, because we like our art team ;)
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