Can someone explain Darth Nihlus shield meter on Sith raid?

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It feels like it's totally random. Sometimes I hit him and it drops way down, other times same guy and same attack and it doesn't move, sometimes it even goes up when I attack. It feels totally random when he recovers and what attacks do what. Is there a method to the madness? I know you need heavy hitters but I don't really know how to strategize around the shield meter. Thanks in advance for any whom can help.
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    You have to read the fine print. If you attack Nihilus with a basic while you have defense down, he'll recover protectin (I think actually siphon some of yours).

    SO, that means you either need team that can:

    1) Cycle through a lot special moves, to avoid using basics when you have defense down, OR

    2) Be able to consistently resist/cleanse the defense down

    Some early teams that did well for me:

    Thrawn led Empire (Thrawn's maneuver ability allows you cleanse, and his leadership will give you TM when debuffed)

    JKR led Jedi (tenacity up, cleanse, and bring other Jedi that can cleanse)

    Padme led Galactic Republic (lots of cleanse and will resist all debuffs when you have Prot Up)

    There's definitely others teams that do well, and even way better in P1, but those are some very accessible early game teams that are really good in many other areas of the game, and part of various farming paths that one may pursue. Good luck!
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    Oh and you also want to watch out for Nihilus cleansing AND stealing your buffs with his basic. The above teams all have good ways of dealing with that.
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    One more thing... Nihilus' attacks can be evaded, so the foresight on the Jedi (ideally use JKR with GMY and Hoda if you have them available), is really nice.
  • Thanks for your help man, that helps.
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