Rise of Vizla is Recruiting - 460M+ GP RotE 30⭐ 15-20 Reva shards

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Hey there! I'm from Rise of Vizla. We are an amazing 460M+ GP guild.


As a whole, we are active with a competitive attitude but maintain a relaxed atmosphere. We have 50+ knowledgeable individuals.

There is an EU reset time; but we have members from all over, including the US.

**What we offer**
🔹 Endor raid is EU evening (6 PM UK)
🔸 Members working on raid teams in parallel, aiming for a decent score in the raid. We are getting the 208M box.
🔹TB is mandatory
🔸TB ROTE 30⭐ 15-20 Reva
🔸Almost all relevant platoons filled

🔹TW is mandatory
🔸For r9 materials 🧠
🔹Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
🔹No forced farms in our Guild
🔹Very helpful bunch of people who can give you good advice on any aspect of the game (event strategies, roster reviews, farming guides etc.) if you need it, ask us anything!

**What we are looking for**
🔹7M+ GP
🔹At least 3 GLs & Exec or Prof
🔹 2.5+ mod score
🔹 2M+ Endor raid score
🔹Discord is Mandatory ➡️ join our Discord Server
🔹At least 400 daily tickets per day but prefered 600
🔹Participation at all phases of TB and TW is Mandatory

So if you are interested then please send me a DM via discord👍
Discord: pre_vizsla_ or Pre Vizsla #1688
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